Wasp Nest Removal Chelmsford


Wasp nest removal Chelmsford


The start of the wasp season is well underway now and the number of calls we are getting about wasps is increasing day by day. There are four different species of wasp that we commonly deal with. with the exception of the Hornet which is noticeably larger the other three all look very similar and you have to get very close to them to tell the difference.

Each of them do have a preference for where they build their nests. The Tree Wasp (Dolichovespula Sylvestris) has a preference for building it’s nest in trees and bushes, the German Wasp (Vespula Germanica) likes making it’s nest underground and the Common Wasp (Vespa vulgaris) prefers to build its nest attached to wood and its nests can often be found in sheds, garages and lofts.


If you are having trouble with a wasp nest on your property, give St Georges Pest Control a call for advice.

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